Working with willow

We had a fantastic day today making large sculptures out of willow with expert tuition from Hazel and John from Samesky (Burning the Clocks festival in Brighton and much more). 

The students are all in Year 9 and have opted to take Art gcse next year. Despite being a group of 30, working in temperatures that must have been 25 degrees + they managed to create some exciting sculptures. 

The brief was to combine a picture of something manmade and something organic as a starting point. The rest was up to them. Working in teams of 2-3 they learnt the following:

  1. Problem solving and coming up with creative solutions. 
  2. Using a limited brief to stimulate creative ideas. 
  3. Negotiating and persuading others. 
  4. Fine motor skills by manipulating the willow. 
  5. Resilience; to carry on changing ideas if they weren’t working. 

So don’t tell me that creative subjects are fluffy extras Mrs May. 


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